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about dreams interpretation

about dreams interpretation : This article of the most dreams, we will help you understand the meaning of each of your dreams, so this article is a very useful tool to have at your life.

This page includes all the detailed interpretations of dreams and their hidden symbols ,please see it in below:

dream about flying

Flying reflects what might happen at the moment in your life.You may feel like you can lift off at any moment in a transitional stage.It might also suggest an elevated mood or something that has been stagnant in life? You are above people and life high in the air.These are very positive thoughts about what might happen in the future.

dream about falling

Losing balance dreams suggest the problem lies within you.At this moment, you are not stable and need to be grounded in your life.You need to find ways to make people and yourself more confident.When you lost your balance, who was around you? You might get a hint of what to look for from the location and the people around you.

dreams about tornadoes

Dreaming of a tornado warning might suggest either that it is a tornado warning advisory, or that you may be bracing some emotional impact.Most people can have precognitive dreams or psychic dreams that could lead to a disaster in your city or city.Even if you're not living in a tornado area or path, I'd suggest it might have to do with turmoil coming.

losing teeth in a dream

A lost tooth may be like a missing piece of a puzzle that doesn't compete within you.It suggests some inner self - reflection to figure out what that means.If you've lost your tooth before the mirror points to what's reflecting on you.The location could indicate the source of the issue.You may also not be able to find something that once formed part of your existence.

dreaming of teeth breaking

A broken and chipped teeth in films suggest the character that we laugh at is poor, uneducated and stupid. The feeling is embarrassing, and for you and other people it is quite noticeable.You may feel broken down inside about aspects of yourself that are now coming to the surface. These dreams can hit the crackdown on insecurity that needs to be addressed. The ego creates masks to protect ourselves from our own personal hidden idiocies that we do whatever we can to hide. Exposing ourselves to our imperfection may cause us to feel unsettled. Although in this dream there is an important message that wants us to look inward for some repair.

dream about teeth crumbling

Crumbling dreams of teeth might suggest your fears of becoming old or feelings of collapse within. Like a building once large and powerful, If you feel you're falling apart within this, suggest some inner emotions that you're currently unable to handle.

dream about pulling teeth out

If you're pulling your own teeth, it may be related to speech and how you're walking your sleep.You may be holding something that causes you distress internally. If someone pulls your teeth then somebody's trying to get something that's valuable to you. An unknown person pulling your teeth suggests more of an inner problem you ca n't see in yourself. It could have something to do with them if you recognize the person.

dreaming about butterflies

Butterflies are symbols of transformation, and one of nature's deepest wonders is the metamorphosis of a caterpillar to a butterfly. A dream butterfly may indicate that a change has already taken place in waking life.

dream about being chased

Usually, chase dreams tend to be quite scary and more than once can happen. If a dream of chase is constantly recurring, this issue must be addressed immediately. If you ignore the message, you will meet the dream again and again. It's a good dream for the most part if you're chasing something. It's possible that in your life you have high ambition and want to reach the stars.

dreaming about water meaning

Water dreams are usually linked to our emotions. A dream of water may reveal our hidden and repressed feelings and emotions, or those we do n't even know about. It often indicates how our emotions are expressed. It's also the spirituality symbol. The dream of soft, clear water indicates your life's happiness and good luck. The dream of fast - flowing or dirty water may be an indication of future difficulties.

dream about elevator

Dreaming of an elevator means you know your surroundings and you can easily see a chance when you see it. If the elevator goes up in your dream, you're going to have a lot of success in everything you're doing and you're going to improve your career and life significantly. This dream can also represent that you are aware of some of the problems that may arise in the near future and that you will be prepared for all that will come your way.

dreaming about owls

In general, dreaming of an owl. If you dreamed of looking at an owl, it's not a good sign for such a dream. This dream could mean someone being verbally abused. You may have some unresolved problem with someone around you, and that person is hostile to you.

dream about waterfall

Waterfalls – Waterfall dreaming is a great symbol of dreams. It means cleaning up and a new start. On life, you might get a fresh start. Waterfall is dreaming of you going to a party soon. This event will be your life's most colorful holiday, leave only for your bright and warm memories.

dreams about the ocean

The ocean (for non - swimmers) dreaming. If you don't know how to swim and often dream of the ocean, your subconscious fears may reveal such dreams. You may have some task to do or some change is happening in your life at the moment. The ocean symbolizes your anxieties about an event that is about to happen in such a case. You may realize that there is no way to accomplish anything successfully, no matter how much effort you put in.

dreaming about elephant

 Elephants are considered to be very smart animals with a strong memory, an attribute well known to them. If you're dreaming about elephants, this dream may be a sign of some important memories you shouldn't forget. These dreams may sometimes represent repressed thoughts or memories that emerge from your subconscious.Elephants could also be a symbol of commitment.

dreaming about beach

Usually beaches in a dream are a very good sign and may indicate some fun and pleasant times ahead. They can represent the transition from the conscious to the unconscious. They can also symbolize our relationship with our emotions, or our psychic and spiritual being.

dreams about vomiting

Vomiting dreams are usually a sign of unhappiness. These dreams sometimes indicate some real - life exaggerations. You may have been overindulging lately in certain areas of your life. Vomiting can also be a worrying symbol and can sometimes be embarrassing events. A vomiting dream can mean the need to let go of something. You may need to let something go of control or release some old memories that have blocked you.

dreams about violence

Violent dreams are quite common. Such dreams may be an indication of uncontrolled chaos that exists in your life at the moment. They may mean loss fears, lack of control, suppressed anger or love uncertainty.Violence dreams may also give rise to anxiety and fear.If you dreamed of personal violence, such a dream could mean loss of control.

dream of eggs

Eggs can have different meanings in dreams, but they often represent fertility and birth, and change and creativity. Usually eggs are a symbol of a change that will happen soon in your life. Eggs show us the possibilities and potential that we have in life ; only the fears that may arise must be confronted and defeated. Also, eggs are a symbol of our spiritual development, as well as progress and life changes.

dream of flowers

Flowers could make you feel happy about something beautiful. You may appreciate your life's beauty. Perhaps you're feeling love, and that's why you dream of flowers. It may also indicate some people's appreciation and the good things about them. You may appreciate your success, the things you've done and the things you've done. Your talents may be indicated by blooming flowers in a dream. Women dream more often than men of flowers.

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dreaming about cows

Cows are usually a good sign in dreams. They are a symbol of your life's important issues. They may also be a passive behavior symbol. Sometimes a cow in a dream, without much questioning, represents your traits of obedience to authority.Cows can sometimes represent your need to take care of yourself or your need to take care of someone. Cows in your dream with calves are a very good omen and predict good things that will soon come into your life.

dreaming about moving

Moving always represents a change in life, which is also its common symbolism in dreams of moving. If you dreamed of moving in or out of somewhere, this kind of dream usually reflects your desire for some changes in your life.This dream, in some cases, indicates the end of certain situations or relationships and moving on with your life.

dreaming of turtles meaning

Tortoises in a dream are a symbol of wisdom, shelter, longevity, maternity, fertility, and spiritual growth. A dream of a tortoise may be an indication of your personality being closed. You may have trouble opening up to others and you are very reserved. You may be resisting some important change in your life that needs to occur.

dream about love

Love dreams are dreams that are common. They may be self - reflecting – love, or a reminder to love us more. Perhaps they indicate that we should learn to accept and love ourselves. These dreams may also mean accepting the characteristics of the person you love.

dreaming of peeing

Peeing dreams may be an indication of getting good news in the days ahead. These dreams can also be a sign of your family's harmonious relationships. Peeing may also indicate that some feelings are rejected or denied. You may release emotions that are repressed or negative. Peeing dreams may indicate the need to let go of some blocking emotions.

dream about fish

Fish is a common symbol in dreams and usually has a good meaning, but it can also symbolize some disturbances and unpleasant situations that come your way.If you saw it in dirty or muddy water, it can mean disappointment. Dead fish is also a bad sign in the near future, foreshadowing disease and problems. Sometimes fish can mean rewards for your efforts, or they can symbolize the patience needed to achieve a goal.

dreams about getting shot

The dream may signify the end of a bad period, a significantly change and growth of your personality (in a positive way, of course), the ' passing ' ritual, which means you're on a doorway to something new and unknown.

dream of getting married

If you had a dream of getting married, this dream could be your dedication and commitment to some partnership. Sometimes this dream could represent the union of your personality's feminine and masculine aspects.

dreaming about scorpions

Scorpions can also symbolize danger in dreams.Perhaps the dream reveals that you have recently been engaged in things that are harmful to your well - being.That could mean excessive drinking, or smoking, and even drug use.It can refer to any other behavior that endangers you.The dream about scorpions is a message to start taking care of yourself and stop acting irresponsibly on such occasions.

dreaming about police

Such a dream, if you saw the police in your dream, could mean power, rules, authority or control over some aspect of your life.This dream may indicate the need to put an end to your careless behaviour, so you don't end up in prison. This dream sometimes indicates that your duties and commitments are not fulfilled.

dreams about having a baby

A dream of having a baby may also reveal your insecurities, issues of dependency, and feeling vulnerable to something. Sometimes these issues can be related to our own childhood and growing up, as well as how our parents did their job as parents.

dreams about car accident

Car crashes dreams are usually very bad omens and warnings about unfortunate events of the future. Car crashes mean some deep - rooted fears of losing control or being unable to protect your loved ones in certain situations. Often they represent yourself – destructive thoughts or habits.

dream about a dog

Dogs in dreams signify loyalty, protection, faithfulness and intuition. This dream may symbolize you or someone near you with these qualities. Sometimes a dog dream indicates some of the talents you have forgotten or ignored.

dream about tiger

Tigers are frightening animals. They may have good and bad meanings in dreams . They can symbolize unpredictable events and changes in your life as well as uncertain circumstances.A tiger dream can also be a danger around you. Perhaps it indicates anxiety about something.

dream about house

Dream houses symbolize our sense of self and personal identity. The front of the house symbolizes the part of your personality, you show to the rest of the world, and hidden from others, the back of the house indicates your private self.

dreaming of the devil

Dreams of seeing the Devil may mean your fears and limitations, as well as some of your personality's negative aspects. They may also mean a negative point of view or perhaps feel guilty about some recent thoughts or actions.

dreaming about pigs

Pigs in dreams may symbolize greed, stubbornness, selfishness, filth, gluttony, overindulgence, etc. If you've dreamed of a pig, perhaps it's a person with such traits in your life.

dream about being kidnapped

Kidnapping dreams are not common and are usually bad signs. Sometimes they can mean small quarrels, but sometimes in your life they can be a sign of big problems or difficulties. They can also symbolize issues that you already have.

meaning of dream about fire

Fire in a dream is a powerful symbol. It could mean desire, passion, destruction, transformation, cleansing, enlightenment, but also anger. Another symbol of creative or sexual passion is fire in dreams . Your fiery nature, energy, creativity, drive and motivation may also be indicated by a dream of fire.

dream about being robbed

Dreams of being stolen or robbed often point to threats to your security or home. Maybe they're a warning that something or someone isn't as safe as you suspect.

dreaming of a cat

Cats in dreams symbolize creativity, independence, gender identity and power among women. Intuition, flexibility, curiosity, indifference can also symbolize cats. This dream may also indicate yourself feeling sorry.

dreams about rabbits

Rabbit dreams may also indicate the need to plan things forward and not leave it to chance. They may also indicate that they are open to new opportunities. Rabbits are breeding very quickly and easily. A rabbit dream may mean a lot of sexual activity. Women who tend to avoid making love can also dream of them.

dreaming about gold

Gold in the dream represents the dreaming's positive qualities. Finding gold in a dream means being able to discover in oneself these positive aspects. Another interpretation of dream research says it means luck and a coming profit if you find gold in the dream.

dreaming about maggots

Maggot dreams are quite common. Their meaning depends on your dream feelings and may be negative or positive. In dreams, maggots often symbolize negative aspects of life and negative aspects. They can be a symbol of close ties as well. In life, they can symbolize purpose and the difficulty of achieving it. These dreams often occur in times of workplace stress.

dreaming about lizards

Lizard dreams may mean your plans to make new life directions. You might consider some new possibilities. They may indicate some new opportunities in the near future that will open up to you.

dreaming about kissing

Usually a kissing dream is a sign of happiness and satisfaction. If you woke up from a dream when you were about to kiss someone, a dream of this kind might indicate that you are not sure of the feelings of that person towards you.

dream about drowning

Drowning dreams may indicate being deeply involved in a relationship or overwhelmed by some goal or idea that causes your life to be imbalanced.This dream is a warning that something is being overdoed.Usually the result of your current emotional state is a dream of drowning.You probably have a great deal of anxiety and emotional turmoil.

dreaming of a wedding

wedding in dreams may indicate new beginnings in the life of your love. They can be linked to your future love life plans. It may indicate fear or anxiety at times.

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dream about ex boyfriend

Ex dreams – boyfriends are dreams that are very common. This dream may be a sign of your current relationship's doubts. It may mean you haven't got over your ex yet – boyfriend and you want to be back with him.

dream of broken glass

Broken glass dreams are usually negative, but not necessarily. Broken glass in dreams is generally a symbol of a radical or final break in the waking life of a person. It might have to do with overcoming obstacles, usually some rules that keep you tight.

dreaming of a funeral

Funeral dreams are unpleasant dreams, evoking fears in real life that someone will soon die.

dream of killing someone

Dreams of killing someone can indicate your subconscious feeble attempts to ever get rid of some of your entirely unnecessary or disturbing aspects. If in your dream you killed a person, such a dream could indicate your desire to actually end the relationship with that person.

dream about dolphins

Dolphins are lovely marine animals. They are a symbol of immortality and freedom. 

dream about dancing

In dreams dancing symbolizes rhythms of life, energy, passion, sexuality, desire, and deep feelings. Dancing in dreams is usually a good sign. It may indicate your feelings with your life of happiness and joy and overall satisfaction.

dreaming about house on fire

If you saw in a dream some of your extremely important personal items caught on fire, such a dream could signify your obsession with these real - life belongings.

rat in a dream

Rat's dream suggests you're going to have trouble with a close friend or family member.

dreaming about wolf

Also, a wolf in a dream symbolizes loneliness, mystery, survival, pride, self - confidence. Perhaps your dream is indicative of your lonely nature. It could also indicate being able in different circumstances to manage your way.

dreams about being pregnant

These dreams are often also dreamed by pregnant women, and they usually result from their anxiety about pregnancy in those cases.

dreaming about a train

A train dream may mean your need to control things. Sometimes it has always been the same as your frustration and rage about things.

dream about throwing up

throwing up is salvation in the dream. It reveals that bad days and bad luck will be destroyed by the dream owner.

fighting in the dream

Sometimes fighting dreams may indicate a conflict between your desires and moral convictions or your reason and emotions. You may be pulled in different directions by such conflicts.

dream about animals

Animal dreams usually symbolize certain aspects of our personality. These dreams actually help us to realize some of our emotions and instincts and understand them.

Summary of dreams meaning

We hope that our work will help you to gain insight into the hidden meanings of your dreams.  Please share your dreams on the comment .

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